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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feed Your 2010 Election Habit

Guest blog from Associate Editor Elizabeth Mendes.

Like MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, we here at Gallup also “wish every day was Election Day.” While we can’t fulfill that exact wish, we can keep a close read on how Americans plan to vote in the upcoming 2010 elections.

Starting today and continuing until the fall midterm elections, Gallup will track registered voters’ party preferences for Congress and their enthusiasm about voting on a weekly basis. Results will be published on our politics page every Tuesday.

Gallup Editor in Chief Frank Newport’s just-released analysis reveals the results of Gallup’s inaugural weekly tracking update on the 2010 elections. As it stands today, Democrats have a slight edge over Republicans among registered voters. Republicans, however, have a clear enthusiasm advantage.

For more of Frank’s insights on Election 2010, you can read his full article here.

To stay up to date and ahead of the curve, sign up for Election 2010 e-mail alerts or RSS feeds.


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