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Monday, October 11, 2010

Americans on the Federal Government, In-Depth

Our lead story this morning is the first of several this week exploring how Americans feel about the proper role of government.

We decided to tackle the issue in-depth, to help reveal the shades of gray in the black and white debate between big government and small government. We knew Americans had much more to say than whether they want less government or more. We learned a lot from their responses to our questions -- some of which make up a cover story in this morning's USA Today -- and by their word-for-word responses when asked to describe the federal government in one word or phrase.

We'll have several more stories this week on what Americans see as the core purposes of government, what services it should and shouldn't provide, its relationship with business, and more. We'll analyze these issues from all angles, breaking views down by political party and other demographics where appropriate and examining our Gallup trends for historical context and shifts over time.

Gallup, USA Today, and political experts will also further discuss and debate these findings at a Gallup summit to be held Wednesday morning at Gallup's Washington, D.C. headquarters.

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