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Monday, December 5, 2011

Gallup *Daily* Election Tracking Begins This Week

Expect a daily update on the GOP race from beginning this week. Starting Tuesday, we'll post new numbers daily on registered Republican voters' preferences for the GOP nomination. 

Just look for "GOP Ballot Support" at the top of the homepage every day, seven days per week.  We'll update the numbers every day at 1 p.m. ET, based on a five-day rolling average of at least 1,000 registered Republican voters, collected as part of our Gallup Daily tracking survey.  We'll track the GOP race daily until there is a nominee and, then, the general election daily until Election Day.

You can also always get these numbers on the go, via our iPhone and Android applications, alongside our daily numbers of President Obama's job approval rating, U.S. underemployment and unemployment, U.S. economic confidence, U.S. wellbeing, and more.

Tuesday, we're also updating our Election 2012 page with even more data to help you track every angle of the presidential race. In addition to daily updates on GOP Ballot Support, you'll find our periodic tracking of general election trial heats between President Obama and the two leading Republican candidates. Additionally, you'll find a new interactive feature that allows you to track support for each of the remaining GOP candidates over time and to export the complete trends.  We're slowing down our "Positive Intensity" tracking but will continue to report on this on a periodic basis.

Gallup's election experts, Frank Newport, Jeffrey M. Jones and Lydia Saad, will be constantly analyzing and reporting on all of our election data, including the president's job approval rating, attitudes about the economy and other key indicators Gallup has found to be relevant to presidential election outcomes. 

This week, we'll have a new election analysis every day, including how "acceptable" Republicans consider each candidate, Republicans' expectations for who will win the nomination, an update on how Obama is doing among demographic subgroups, and views on whether "most members of Congress" deserve re-election.

To make sure you sure you get each of these -- and every Gallup report on the election from now until next November -- sign up for Gallup news alerts and select "All Gallup Headlines," "Politics," or "Election 2012."

You can also get more insights in our Video Reports and from our Editor in Chief Frank Newport in his blog, "Polling Matters."

We promise you complete, objective, empirical coverage of every angle of the presidential election.  As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome on this blog and at


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