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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dramatic Swings -- And the Lack Thereof

Our readers count on us for empirical evidence about what is happening in the world. When other organizations claim that issue x is hurting candidate y, or that controversy is raging on a particular topic, they come to us to find out if it's true.

Our Gallup Daily tracking metrics are especially useful because we survey every day, before and after every single event in the news. Check out these recent reports from our Gallup Daily tracking:

  • Rick Santorum surges 14-points in support among Republicans nationwide, from 16% to 30%, in the days after winning Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri on Feb. 7.

  • Catholics' approval of Obama hardly budges during the headline-news making battle over whether religiously-affiliated organizations should have to pay for contraception as part of their employees’ health plans.  

These trends showcase the power of surveying Americans every single night.  We can scientifically measure within days whether a candidate gets a bounce from primary contests, the extent to which Americans react to an economic report, and whether every day Americans are as charged up about a particular issue as the media are.

As you compare polls, it's worth reminding our readers that Gallup's results are based on live telephone interviews and that we include a minimum of 400 cell phone respondents in every sample of 1,000.  Visit our FAQs to learn more about how Gallup polling works.

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