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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Opinion Briefings on Egypt and More

While most Egyptians (79%) supported protests to overthrow former President Hosni Mubarak, a noticeably smaller majority (56%) support calls to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad in Syria and nearly half (46%) of Egyptians oppose NATO's intervention in Libya.

These findings lead our Opinion Briefing on Egyptians' Views of the Arab Spring, published on Wednesday morning. We also recently published Foreign Policy Opinion Briefings on the EU and Pakistan, and we are planning several more in the coming weeks, including reports on Iraq and Iran.

We timed the Opinion Briefing on Egypt with an event on the topic held at Gallup's World Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Gallup Senior Analyst Mohamed Younis presented  key findings from Egypt at "Inside Egypt: The Path Forward." The in-person briefing in Washington summarized the big picture around the wealth of findings on Egypt that we have reported on over the past year.

“While a  majority of Egyptians still say Mubarak’s overthrow will likely improve their lives in the future, inflation and unemployment continue to be the major concern of most Egyptian households,” Younis said.

Additionally, he presented to the following top findings:

  • Despite recent challenges in the country’s transition, Egyptians are still optimistic that Mubarak’s overthrow will improve their lives.
  • Confidence in the transparency of upcoming presidential elections remains high in Egypt.
  • Most Egyptians believe SCAF will hand over power to a civilian government after the presidential elections.
  • Islamists and liberals agree on issues of most immediate concern for Egyptian households.
  • Skepticism regarding the United States’ support for democracy remains high.
  • Attitudes on U.S. assistance mirror recent rhetoric on role of U.S. NGOs in the country.
You can access the complete presentation here.
"A lot of guests were surprised by the consistency on issues of major concern for Egyptians across political party lines. Whether it's supporters of the Nour Party, FJP, or the more secular and politically liberal Free Egyptians Party, all overwhelmingly cite the economic issues as top priority for the country and its political leaders,” Younis said after the event.

"Many guests were taken by the overwhelming opposition to U.S. economic aid in Egypt," Younis added. "I had a discussion with several Egypt experts after the event on how this sentiment is clearly reflected in the current discourse on the role of U.S.-funded NGOs in the country such as IRI and NDI."

The "Inside Egypt" briefing was the first in a series of events Gallup will host providing an in-depth look at key countries in the world today. Gallup will hold a similar briefing about China on March 27 and will hold briefings on Pakistan and India later in the year.

You can read much more about our Egypt stories here.  If you would like to sign up to receive future World News stories including Foreign Policy Opinion briefings or to be notified about future events, sign up for email alerts here.


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