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Thursday, August 19, 2010

As Withdrawal Becomes Reality, What Americans and Iraqis Think

With the last U.S. combat brigade now out if Iraq, the reality of the U.S. withdrawing from that country is no doubt beginning to hit home -- for both Americans and Iraqis.

Since we poll in both the U.S. and Iraq, we're uniquely positioned to provide insights on what each citizenry thinks during this time of transition.

Friday morning on, we'll publish our latest findings on what Americans think about the timetable that was set for leaving Iraq and what their expectations are for the security situation there going forward. We'll also report on how Americans think history will judge the U.S.' involvement in Iraq, and whether they think Iraq is now better or worse off than it was before.

Next week on, we'll provide new insights from Iraqis' perspective, namely on how their views of their own leadership compare to their views of U.S. leadership. The results are from our polling there conducted in February and present quite a shift from two years ago.

In the meantime, visit our tag pages on the Iraq War and life in Iraq more broadly to get caught up on our latest findings and to subscribe for e-mail alerts so you get the new stories as soon as they are published.

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